Benefits of Jasmine Extract for the Skin

Jasmine flower extract has traditionally been used in medicine and skincare for centuries. Powerfully fragrant and relaxing, the flower has been used in everything from aromatherapy to liver pain management.

Spas typically use a blend of jasmine oil and a carrier oil for massage purposes, as the gentle, floral fragrance is incredibly stress relieving, making it an excellent choice for working out tired muscles and sore joints.

It has also been used in anxiety treatment in the same way lavender oil is typically applied, as it triggers the same bodily responses.

Benefits of Jasmine Extract for the Skin

Jasmine Oil Skin Care Benefits

In skincare, jasmine oil is an amazing moisturizer.

Comprised of:

  • benzoic acid
  • benzaldehyde
  • benzyl acetate
  • benzyl alcohol
  • indole
  • benzyl benzoate
  • cis-3-hexenyl benzoate
  • cis-jasmone
  • ceosol
  • eugenol
  • farnesol
  • geraniol
  • linalool
  • methyl anthranilate
  • p-cresol
  • nerol
  • gamma terpineol
  • nerolidol
  • isophytol
  • phytol

The extracted oil is incredibly rich and nurturing.

Its fatty acid content helps lock in moisture and plump the skin, leaving it soft and supple. There has been some success in eczema and acne scar cases, too, especially when used regularly and topically.

Jasmine Essential Oil for Acne

Jasmine oil may be a good choice for those with acne. It is antibacterial by nature, making it good for preventing the spread of germs across the skin’s oil barrier.

If you have many open bumps or irritated areas, the oil may not be your best call, as it can cause irritation to worsen or trigger reactions if applied to wounds.

Jasmine Extract for Skin Side Effects

It is best to patch test with such an oil. Simply apply it to a small area of the skin in an inconspicuous area twenty four hours before you plan to use it on a larger patch of skin.

If you have a reaction, do not use it and have a dermatologist check out the irritation. If not, you are likely fine. If you are still concerned, seek out a dermatologist or other medical professional for advice before applying the oil to your problem area.

One caveat to using jasmine oil topically is that it has a very strong fragrance. It is used in perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, body creams, and other traditionally products due to its aromatic nature and lasting power.

While this is great for products that are meant to add fragrance to the skin, it can pose a problem if used on the face.

Many people actually have reactions such as blurred vision and headaches from strongly scented skincare and makeup.

Others notice their skin reacts poorly to fragranced products.

It is suggested that the first few times you use jasmine oil you do so on days you plan to stay home and relax to ward off any chances of public reactions.

Final Thoughts

Either way, there are some incredible benefits to this oil and if your skin tolerates it, it can provide you some amazing results.