Best Blackhead Removal Tools

Thanks to Doctor Pimple Popper, many of us have become obsessed with squeezing every bump and blemish on our faces.

Though this should be avoided to prevent spreading acne infections and causing scarring, you can still safely satisfy your skin clearing satisfaction craving through the usage of blackhead removal tools. Blackheads are blocked pores; to clear them out, many people use chemical scrubs which work to dissolve clumped up oil, dirt, makeup, and sebum.

If you want to get some Instagram worthy visual satisfaction, though, keep reading for our list of physical tools that will aid you in your blackhead knocking journey!

A little disclaimer before we begin, though, it is always best to go to a professional for this type of treatment; using at home methods, like any other DIY situation, can cause reactions and adverse results.

Best Blackhead Removal Tools

The 5 Best Blackhead Removal Tools

Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner

Popular right now due to an insane amount of social media hyping through beauty influencers and niche YouTube channels, pore vacuums are having their moment in the sun.

Convenient and painless when compared to other methods, pore vacuums use gentle suction to pull trapped dirt, bacteria, and skin cells out of your pores without requiring any squeezing or pinching. One popular option on Amazon, the Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner from Mospro, has almost a five star rating from over one hundred and thirty customer reviews.

This vacuum has five different levels of suction, allowing you to customize the intensity of your skin’s treatment. Setting one and two work well for sensitive and dry skin types, three is for neutral, normal skin, four is great for those with oily skin, and five helps those with enlarged pores and intense oil overabundance clear blackheads without clogging the device.

Mospro recommends taking your cleansing slowly and starting with a lower setting before moving up to reduce the risk of irritating your face.

Bestope Blackhead Remover Pimple Comedone Extractor Tool Best Acne Removal Kit

Another common method for blackhead removal is manual extraction. With over one thousand reviews and a four and a half star Amazon rating, the Bestope Blackhead Remover Pimple Comedone Extractor Tool Best Acne Removal Kit is a great choice if you wish to to remove your blackheads by hand.

For around the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee you can get a kit including five different tools to help target even the deepest of blackheads and clogged pores. Bestope recommends you clean your face thoroughly and sterilize the tools before beginning the removal process.

Once everything is cleaned up, simply use the tools to coax out any trapped gunk. Follow up with a toner and anti-inflammatory treatment to help soothe the skin. With this method, you will likely see some redness due to the tools using pressure to remove the trapped sebum and bacteria.

This is one of the methods of blackhead removal that carries the most risks due to the potential for bacterial introduction and bruising. Be careful and work slowly!

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

A classic method used in countless chick flicks, the pore strip is quite effective and cheap. Perfect for sleepovers due to the ease of use and low gross out factor, pore strips have been around for decades.

The most popular brand, Biore, is a household name that also carries one of the most commonly used facial cleansers in the world. The Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips can give some seriously satisfying results in mere minutes!

All you have to do is moisten your nose and apply the strip then wait.

Once it is completely dry (it will feel stiff like paper mache), just peel from the edges. You will be able to actually see the little spikes of grime and grit that the strip pulled from your pores during its time on your face! Follow up with a toner or moisturizer of your choice and you are all set!

This method is the most easily accessed due to it being sold in stores like Walmart and Target; you can literally pop in at any time and grab a box off of the shelf, no shipping required!

Elizavecca MilkyPiggy Hell Pore Clean Up Nose Mask

Asian skin care brands often carry the newest, hottest ingredients and trendy application methods. This aside, the adorable packaging of the Elizavecca MilkyPiggy Hell Pore Clean Up Nose Mask is enough to make anyone squeal with delight.

A cute little devil piggy sits among living blackheads in a cute little pristine field; their other packaging is just as precious if you are in need of other skin care products, as well! With this type of mask, you simple smooth it onto your face evenly while avoiding your hairline and eyebrows.

Let it sit until it is completely dry then peel it from the bottom of your face in an upward movement. The mask pulls the blackheads from your pores, leaving them fresh and squeaky clean. Always do a patch test with these types of products, as they can be a bit irritating.

Fair warning, also, many people find peel off masks to be a little painful so prepare yourself for some tugging and pinching, especially if you have facial hair. If it proves to be too much, just rinse the mask away with warm water.

Yoyostore Silicone Cleanser Scrub Finger Design Nose Face Pore Clean Brush Blackhead Extractor Remover Beauty Tool

Our last method to be discussed today is the Yoyostore Silicone Cleanser Scrub Finger Design Nose Face Pore Clean Brush Blackhead Extractor Remover Beauty Tool. A gentle tool, this one will not cause the potential irritation that many of the other methods listed here carry the potential of bringing.

Simply apply your favorite exfoliator and use the scrubbing tool to gentle work the product into your face. The small silicone bristles will aid in loosening the blackheads, making this perfect to use in tandem with other methods to reduce the tugging and irritation of invasive interventions.

There are countless other methods out there so do your research and have fun playing with different satisfying extraction methods!