Should I Use Clay Masks for Acne?

Natural skin care products are all the rage right now. Trending worldwide on social media, tons of influencers are pushing do-it-yourself hacks, tricks, and tips to clear up your skin and achieve a flawless, perfected look.

Though some, like dousing your skin in lemon juice to remove dark spots, are kooky or outright dangerous, many of the hacks floating around are actually rooted in scientifically backed truths! Clay masks, for example, are incredibly effective in clearing up a host of skin issues, especially those involving oil overproduction or acne breakouts.

Big name brands like GlamGlow, Sephora, and Origins are all producing clay masks in a variety of formats and with varying active ingredients to target tons of skin issues. It seems that if you have an insecurity, there is a clay mask for you somewhere out there.

Should I Use Clay Masks for Acne?

Bentonite Clay Masks for Acne

The most popular type of clay in healing masks is bentonite clay. Derived from volcanic ash, bentonite clay has a powerful negative electromagnetic charge which allows it to act as a magnet for the toxins and impurities that lurk in our pores.

It has been used for centuries to treat skin issues across the globe and can be bought in its pure form for do-it-yourself purposes from large retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart. To make a basic mask, simply mix the clay with water until a thick paste forms, apply it to your skin, let it dry, and rinse.

You can also try apple cider vinegar to add a bit of toning action; just swap out the water for the vinegar and apply as usual.

Did you know that forty to fifty million Americans report suffering from blackheads, whiteheads, and acne every single year? Seriously, most of the population does not have perfect skin.

We all have struggles and insecurities and while some choose to drop serious money on skin care products and treatments, sometimes a simple solution may be the best option.

Store bought clay masks come at almost every price point. From as cheap as a few dollars to as expensive as several hundred, you can find something that will work for you no matter how thick or thin your wallet is.

Brands like Queen Helene, for example, are cult favorites and can be found for as cheap as three dollars in drug stores. Their Mint Julep mask is a classic and has been around for close to a century, so even if you are working with a budget, you can probably indulge in a mask.

Using a clay mask can drastically change your skin’s quality and texture. Due to its natural ability to draw out impurities and bacteria, clay can quickly shrink acne and slow the spread of breakouts. Its drying nature can also pull out oils and help cease excessive production while soothing inflammation, especially when followed with aloe or other calming treatments.

The results of a clay mask are not immediate. In fact, you may actually see an increase in redness immediately following the mask. This is normal; unless you experience sensitivity or a reaction, continue use one time per week and you will likely see results soon if clay masks are compatible with your skin type and biochemistry.

Clay masks are awesome for clearing up blackheads. Since they are basically dirt magnets, they pull the icky stuff right out of your pores. For an added bonus, try adding in some poppy seeds or other small grains for a bit of physical exfoliation to really get those stubborn spots.

Be careful when choosing exfoliants, as if they are too large they can irritate your skin and cause microtears which can lead to the spread of acne and premature aging. Mixing in a soothing oil is a good idea, too. Jojoba or sweet almond make great additives to prevent the over drying of your skin by the clay masks.

They also add a bit of slip to help make any exfoliants you choose to add a bit gentler on your face.

You can use clay masks on other parts of your body, too. Many people believe these types of masks to be facial usage exclusive but they are actually incredibly powerful in helping clear up body acne and detoxing!

Many people use bentonite clay to lighten darkened armpits or to help with razor burn. If you have acne on your chest or back, try applying it and letting it thoroughly dry before rinsing. It can help dry out the bumps and clear up the uncomfortable breakout quickly and gently.

Many people claim to see a reduction in the appearance and depth of acne scarring when using clay masks. Though the only true way to rid yourself of scarring is with laser therapy, masks can help ease the severity of your spots.

Clay masks increase the blood flow to the face as they dry in a way that plumps and firms the skin. Antioxidants and minerals in the clay can help the skin look fresh and youthful, helping disguise marks and uneven texture. It can even lighten darker areas to even out the complexion overall.

All in all, clay masks are an excellent tool to have in your skincare arsenal. They have numerous benefits from pigmentation evening to acne reduction. There is a fantastic option at almost any price point and tons of do-it-yourself options out there that are just as good as store bought potions.

A fully customizable, incredibly powerful option, clay masks are one of the best allies you can have in the battle for clear skin.