Bizarre Do-It-Yourself Beauty Tools and Tricks That Really Work!

Any scroll through the Instagram explore page or Pinterest will reveal a ton of bizarre beauty tips and tricks.

Though some, like the safety pin mascara declumper, are terrible and should not be used for fear of actual bodily harm, there are actually many DIY beauty ideas that work incredibly well!

Sometimes you do not need expensive products or corporately branded packaging to create a beauty routine that leaves you feeling gorgeous and glowing!

Bizarre Do-It-Yourself Beauty Tools and Tricks That Really Work!

9 DIY Beauty Tricks

Are Hemorrhoid Creams Good for Acne?

Hemorroid Cream

Hemorrhoid cream is not something you would ever imagine putting on your face. I mean, it is used for intimate issues and is medicinal. Most people wish to never even have to purchase it at all!

Oddly enough, it just might be the answer to puffy eye bags.

Hemorrhoid cream contains an anti inflammatory called phenyplrine that will de-puff the area quickly and since it is usually used on a rather sensitive area, it will not irritate the delicate skin of your eyes.

Just be sure not to use the same tube for both purposes or get the cream into your actual eye!

Toothpaste for acne

We have all woken up on picture day only to discover a massive, red zit. It is the worst feeling ever and totally confidence denting. A teen movie trope played over and over again, when this happens in real life it can be a bit devastating.

Decrease the size and redness of your bump with some help from a tube of toothpaste.

Many toothpastes contain antibacterial agents to kill plaque causing germs on your teeth so it makes sense that it would also work to zap bacteria in a pimple. Just be careful if you have sensitive skin and watch for any irritation.

Beets for Natural Beauty Lovers

Still popular with natural beauty lovers, beets can be used to create a lovely cheek and lip stain. All you have to do is just rub beet juice on your skin and boom, you have a stained look!

If you want to go a step further, just use the juice mixed with a bit of coconut oil or beeswax to create a tinted balm or creamy cheek color.

Beets have been used to stain and dye fabrics and yarn for centuries and were likely one of the first forms of dye ever created so it makes sense that this all natural, healthy alternative to commercial rouge would be popular.

DIY Rose Petals Face Mask

You can also use flower petals, too! Just find a recipe of your choosing online and follow the steps to create a beautiful, organic stain.

Steam face for clogged pores

Facial steaming has become trendy in the natural beauty world. The general idea is that the steam opens up your pores, releasing any trapped dirt and bacteria and making other products really sink in and take effect.

You can dodge the expensive spa treatment price tag by setting up a quick DIY facial steam at home. All you need is a bowl, some hot water, a towel, and some beneficial and customizable mix ins.

Just put your hot water and mix ins of choice into a bowl and lean over it (checking to ensure it is not too hot, of course, before doing so) and place the towel over your head to trap the steam in.

Relax and soak in the moisture for as long as you would like, at least five minutes then go about your usual skincare routine. Many people love camomile tea, lavender, or rosemary to help soothe irritated skin and give a bit of relaxing aromatherapy during treatment.

DIY facial toner for acne prone skin

A good toner can make an incredible difference in your skin. If you suffer from clogged pores, you absolutely need one, especially if you experience acne breakouts frequently.

Not only does toning clean your skin, it also works to soften and aid in the absorption of other products. You can make your own toner at home with a couple of tasty kitchen items.

Pomegrenate and Green Tea for Your Skin

Pomegranate fruit aids in boosting collagen production and elasticity, giving your skin the ability to bounce back. Green tea is an amazing de-puffer and anti-inflammatory, making it amazing for toning.

Combine the two and you have a winning combination! Tons of other DIY toners exist, many including rosewater or similar detoxifying ingredients so start playing and figure out what blend works best for your skin!

Pepto Bismol Mask for Acne

In most homes, Pepto is usually reserved in the back of the medicine cabinet for those sudden onsets of stomach pain and bloating.

A gastrointestinal aid, pepto bismol is the classic pink liquid that haunts our dreams with its alleged cherry flavor and vaguely chalky texture. Aside from its dietary uses, Pepto is actually amazing for fighting back against acne breakouts!

Just apply the pepto with a foundation brush (it is too thin for finger or washcloth application) and let it sit for around twenty minutes then rinse thoroughly.

The results may shock you! You see, Pepto contains aspirin and salicylic acid, two common acne fighting ingredients. This duo, along with the anti-inflammatory properties of Pepto can seriously knock out stubborn bumps with ease!

Benefits of Watermelon Masks

Packed with antioxidants and free radical protectants like lycopene, watermelon has become quite the trendy skincare ingredient.

A brand called Glow Recipe has repeatedly experienced mass sell outs of their hit Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask at Sephora due to just how intense the melon craze currently is.

Skip out on the store bought blends and make your own watermelon moisture mask in just a few easy steps!

Just slice watermelon rind into paper thin pieces with a mandolin or similar tool and apply like you would a sheet mask (except in a ton of tiny pieces).

Let it soak for twenty minutes them remove.

Alternatively, you can find a delightful recipe for a DIY watermelon glow mist here!

Final Thoughts

Take a moment and go play around! You just might find a new favorite!