Does Drinking Water Help to Clear Up Acne?

If social media has taught us anything, it is that staying hydrated is absolutely vital. I mean, sure, we knew that before, but now you cannot get on any social networking site without seeing at least one “drink more water” meme on most days.

Funnily enough, this very well may be the best trend that has come around in a very long time. Staying hydrated helps every single aspect of your health, even your skin. Honestly, that should say “especially” your skin, as water is absolutely a necessity in ensuring your skin is blemish free and glowing.

Does Drinking Water Help to Clear Up Acne?

Can Drinking Water Get Rid of Acne?

Dry skin is a major acne trigger. I know it may seem counterproductive to hydrate your skin if it is already overly oily, a common issue in acne sufferers, but keeping your skin properly moisturized is absolutely key in making acne breakouts disappear.

Properly moisturizing your skin allows your pores relax and drain out bacteria. Drinking water is not a magical acne cure but keeping your skin (and the rest of your body) hydrated is certainly a good way to improve your skin’s overall health.

You Should Prefer Water to…

Sugary Drinks

If you are like most people, you probably drink other liquids aside from water. Sodas, teas, coffee, and alcohol are all common choices and are fine in moderation but have been known to contribute to acne when consumed excessively.

  • Many teas and sodas contain sugar which can cause an inflammatory response.
  • Many sodas are full of sugar and even diet options contain artificial sweeteners that can cause hormonal disruption.

Pay attention to your skin after you drink Coke, Pepsi, or any other soft drink of choice and you may be shocked to find that your breakouts get a bit worse with each canned drink.


Caffeine is another offender on the acne triggering beverage list. If you find yourself in the same category as fifty nine percent of Americans and indulge in coffee every morning, you may be doing your skin a bit of disservice.

A large cup of coffee can more than double your body’s normal stress response, which causes the release of hormones like cortisol. Cortisol production spikes the oil production from your skin’s sebaceous glands. Oil overabundance causes clogged pores, among other skin issues, which leads to acne.

While caffeine does not directly cause acne, your morning pick me up just might be causing your body undue stress that can spark breakouts.

Additionally, caffeinated beverages impact your sleep schedule. When you are not sleeping properly, you will experience lowered immune system function which makes you more susceptible to acne breakouts and may increase the severity of your pimples.


When you are too tired, your body prioritizes specific vital bodily functions like digestion, brain activity, and circulation over keeping your skin blemish free. The same goes for when you are dehydrated, which coffee and alcohol can both cause.

Alcohol damages your body from the inside out and causes you to become incredibly dehydrated. This is why you get hungover if you over do it. If you decide to drink caffeinated, sugary, or alcoholic beverages, be sure to practice moderation and increase your water intake accordingly.

Try to Stay Hydrated

Water can help offset the negative effects of unhealthy beverage choices by keeping you fully hydrated.

For those with acne scarring or stretch marks, water can be a big help. Staying hydrated keeps your skin looking plump and full which can help reduce the appearance of textured scars.

Those suffering from acne or who are prone to stretch marks should make a conscious effort to drink a large amount of water, as it helps to lubricate the cells and prevent tearing. This is also true for those who already have scarring, as proper hydration helps prevent further damage.

Not having enough water in your daily diet can increase the prevalence of signs of aging within your skin as well; aging skin is typically easier to damage so taking preventative steps is key in helping your skin remain healthy and full.

Ideally, you should drink around six to eight full glasses of water per day. This amount will help keep your skin clear and also give you a pretty mighty immune system boost that can really help keep your face free of blemishes and bacteria.

As gross as it is to discuss, drinking water helps you use the restroom more frequently. Every time you defecate or urinate, you are passing toxins out of your body which means there are less to cause internal inflammation that would potentially cause your body to release cortisol, sparking a breakout.

Final Thoughts

Water is absolutely vital to every single bodily function we humans have so be sure to get enough every day in order to keep yourself at optimal levels of health!

Water is key in keeping yourself healthy. Though it is not a magical cure for acne and cannot give you perfect skin by itself, making sure you drink enough water is a great way to make take steps towards a blemish free face. Plus, you will feel better in pretty much every other way imaginable, as well!