How to Depuff Your Eyes

When you first wake up, there are a myriad of skin care steps you may choose to take. Some people opt to just wash their face with water or perhaps a gentle cleanser. Others may have a more in depth, labor intensive routine to combat acne, dryness, oiliness, or any other skin concern imaginable.

These extra steps can make all the difference in keeping your skin happy and healthy. Pimples shrink, dry spots become hydrated and evenly textured, and oil production begins to regulate itself as your skin’s overall health improves.

Truly, a bit of extra care can completely flip your skin’s quality and appearance! Unsurprisingly, the same goes for the rest of your body too, including your undereyes.

How to Depuff Your Eyes?

An Overview

Also known as “bags”, puffy eyes can be caused by a plethora of underlying issues. For some people, the puffiness only lasts momentarily after crying or allergic irritation. Others experience eye bags regularly due to hereditary issues, dietary concerns, or another external factor.

No matter how they form, eye bags are treatable with a bit of work and a touch of research.

So, What to Do?

First off, you could try allowing yourself to get an adequate amount of sleep. When you are exhausted, your entire body suffers. Sleep is absolutely vital if you wish to maintain a healthy state of being, as it is the time when your body heals and rests.

Taking steps to ensure restful, deep sleep can entirely change the quality of your skin. It has even been known to clear up acne breakouts! Seriously, take some time to just let yourself rest. Your skin will thank you for it.

Additionally, you can help naturally make your eyes appear less puffy by drinking plenty of water. When you are not properly hydrated, your skin takes a bit of a beating. Dehydration can cause the blood vessels of the eyes to contract, causing them to be unable to transport fluids.

When the fluids become trapped they create a puffy, swollen appearance. Shoot for eight full eight ounce glasses of water per day to help ensure you are getting enough fluids to keep your body running smoothly!

For a similar reason, overconsumption of salt can also cause fluid build up. When you eat salt, you become dehydrated more quickly, leading to the same symptoms listed above. If you notice your eyes appearing puffier than usual, give your diet a quick once over.

You just may find that the pickles, fries, chips, and chicken tenders we all love so much are damaging more than your arteries. Sodas are common culprits, as well, so if you are hoping to knock puffiness, consider sticking to pure, natural agua.

Instant Remedies

If you need your puffy eyes cleared up fast, a frozen spoon just might do the trick. Cold is your friend in combatting any swelling, especially that which occurs on your face. Simply freeze a metal spoon overnight then press it against your swollen under eye bags before applying makeup to help soothe and depuff the area quickly and painlessly.

Alternatively, you can also use commercial under eye patches but it is much more cost effective and eco friendly to simply keep a spoon in your freezer for convenience.

A spa classic, cucumber slices are actually quite effective against puffy eyes. Rich in vitamin C and caffeic acid, cucumbers soothe and relax tight, puffy skin cells. Just slice up a cuke and apply the rings to your eyes for five to ten minutes or longer.

The results should be fairly instantaneous following the treatment. Repeat is as frequently as you like or as needed; cucumbers are very unlikely to irritate or damage your skin and are incredibly nourishing. Help boost your hydration by snacking on the remaining cucumber, too!

Rosewater is another fantastic way to treat puffy eyes. Rich in vitamins A and C, rosewater nourishes your skin while also providing antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and antiseptic benefits. It is also a natural toner of sorts, meaning it will help balance out the pH of your skin, too!

To utilize this amazing, floral treatment, just soak a cotton pad or soft cloth in the liquid then leave it on your eyes for around ten minutes. If your eyes are especially irritated, try chilling the rosewater before use to amplify the depuffing effects!

A bit of a weirder choice, potatoes are naturally fantastic depuffers! It is said that the starch in the spud acts as a sort of anti inflammatory. Simply grate the potato and wrap it in a damp cloth before applying it to your eyes like you would a hot pack to a pulled muscle. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and presto, your eyes will allegedly be soft and depuffed.

Many people also add aloe to their potato compress to moisturize their eyes, too!

Save your tea bags from your next cup and use them as a compress! Black and green teas both contain tannins, a natural form of caffeine. A mild diuretic, the tea bags will increase blood flow to the area and help ease puffiness.

Used for generations, the method calls for simply steeping a tea bag in hot water for a few minutes then applying it to your eyes and leaving it for between ten and twenty minutes. You can even drink the tea while you wait since it does not come in contact with your skin!

Final Thoughts

Puffy eyes can be a massive bummer but you can certainly kick them once and for all! There are numerous causes for the condition and if they are persistent be sure to see a medical professional for advice, as this may be an indicator for more serious health conditions. Good luck!