Is Olive Oil Good For Your Face?

A healthier alternative to canola and vegetable oil, olive oil is a staple in most kitchens in America and across the globe.

Almost every recipe you can think of involves some sort of oil and in lieu of recent health crazes, countless people are opting for the antioxidant rich option of olive oil.

Not only is it great for your heart, olive oil also works to protect your bones and nourish your body with good fats. Many people also have used it as a hair mask for generations! Amazingly, you can even utilize this wonder oil on your skin, too.

Is Olive Oil Good For Your Face?

Olive Oil for Face Uses

Reduce risk of tumors after sunburn

Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent and devastating types of cancer. Typically caused by overexposure to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, skin cancer can spread rapidly and leave massive damaged areas when removed.

Olive oil can actually help soothe sunburned skin and prevent permanent damage. A powerful antioxidant, olive oil, when applied to a sunburn, can help to reduce the overall damage caused by free radicals and UVA/UVB.

A study conducted on rats and published in Carcinogenesis detailed how rats treated with olive oil and exposed to UVB rays experienced a far lower rate of tumor growth when compared to rats exposed to the same rays but not treated with oil.

As a Moisturizer

Additionally, olive oil is incredibly moisturizing. Simply massage a small amount into damp skin and be amazed as it soaks right in and leaves your skin soft and plump.

Though you will notice the oil on your skin at first, it will quickly soak in and leave no residue behind. The moisture will last longer than many bottled lotions that contain alcohol or other preservatives, making it a better, cheaper, and more natural option.

Many commercial moisturizers and popular choices like coconut oil can clog your pores. Clogged pores contributes to acne formation and breakouts, increasing your risk of a hard to manage flare.

Just apply a teaspoon of olive oil to your face and neck while the skin is still damp then massage it in gently. Your skin will feel soft and plumped without any of the potential pore clogging issues of heavier oils.

Clear Acne

Additionally, olive oil contains antibacterial properties. Bacteria is a leading cause of acne formation and can spread rapidly from place to place on your skin.

Studies have shown that olive oil worked to help kill staph cells at a rate slightly lesser than that of coconut oil, which runs the risk of clogging your pores.

Heal Wounds

It also may improve the state of diabetic foot lesions and other wounds. This ability to heal damaged areas makes olive oil valuable in treating existing acne related issues, as well as wounds and bacterial infections.

Remove Makeup

If you wear makeup, olive oil works wonderfully as a makeup remover. It is emollient and thin enough to easily be worked into your eyes to take off even the most stubborn, waterproof mascaras and eyeliners.

Additionally, liquid lipsticks and stains will pose few issues to the powerful oil. Many people use olive oil and olive oil based scrubs to help remove special effects makeup as well, as it breaks down the more stubborn, thick grease paints.

All in all, there are few makeup products that can last through an olive oil cleansing session. You can even use it to deep cleanse your makeup brushes!

Anti-Aging, it Could Prevent Wrinkles

Olive oil is amazing for anti-aging usages due to its high squalene content. It also carries a very high amount of vitamins A and E, both of which are adored universally for their skin health benefits and anti aging properties.

Its high monounsaturated fat content helps to prevent new wrinkle formation while polyphenols work to reduce the appearance of current wrinkles and lines by increasing collagen production.

Regular usage of olive oil can create a soft, youthful appearance with ease without harsh, potentially drying chemical additives.

Helps Grow Facial Hair

For those looking to grow out their facial hair, olive oil is an amazing routine additive. As we discussed before, olive oil is an excellent moisturizer.

When growing out your beard, keeping your skin moisturized is key in preventing ingrown hairs and acne under the growth.

Proper moisturization will also reduce the itchiness of growing new hairs and prevent dandruff while giving you a bit of styling grip to work with. Olive oil is also rich in vitamin E which means it will assist in growing fuller, longer beard hairs.

Many people mix olive oil with essential oils to help increase the effectiveness; rosemary and eucalyptus are both amazing options, as is lavender for aromatherapy purposes.


As with any other skincare treatment, olive oil does carry some potential side effect risks. If you have sensitive skin or skin that is particularly oily, olive oil carries a risk of irritation with prolonged usage.

Additionally, a study showed that infants who were treated with olive oil as a moisturizer daily experienced a higher frequency of eczema as adults.

You should always do an allergy test before using olive oil or any other treatment on a large area of your skin, especially the delicate parts of your face.

Wait 24-48 hours to make sure that you will not have an adverse reaction.

Final Thoughts

When you finish massaging your olive oil in, wipe away any excess to prevent extra build up on your face and always make sure you use natural, organic, and unprocessed olive oils if you can.

Extra virgin olive oils work best and are the safest.